Losing their empire to a bunch of barbarians never sat well with the Romans. Since most Romans are born with abs, muscle power became one of their biggest strengths. Forged steel protects their ripped bodies against enemy attacks. The gold is just for showing off. For them, this battle isn’t about revenge, it’s about taking back what’s theirs.


This Nordic dynasty of robust men, fierceless women and aggressive pets is known for its ruthless sea raids. The biggest fear of every landlubber is boats full of blue and white looming on the horizon. Roaming the European coasts unfortunately didn’t satisfy these silver strangers. Now, they’re back to finish the job.


They might not have the strongest men, the toughest iron or the most firepower. They do have plants, animals and humans working in harmony as one efficient, guerilla war machine. Since using close combat is beneath them, they will fire arrows, darts, coconuts, poison and spells at their opponents. And they won’t stop until the jungle is restored to all its green majesty.


This collection of bandits, crooks and thugs once joined forces to steal every piece of valuable material available on the open seas. Their biggest asset might be the use of gunpowder, a powerful tool in the right hands. At least if you don’t count contempt for every opponent out there as an asset. Their dream, a black skull flag on every rooftop, is within their grasp.


An ancient dynasty of pharaohs, mummies, pyramids and lots of sand has ascended to reclaim their title as leaders of the civilised world. And they haven’t come empty-handed. A combination of dark magic, sickles and hard work has brought them this far and they don’t intend to stop now. They’ll stop when every other dynasty lays on the bottom of their pyramids.