An ancient dynasty of pharaohs, mummies, pyramids and lots of sand has ascended to reclaim their title as leaders of the civilised world. And they haven’t come empty-handed. A combination of dark magic, sickles and hard work has brought them this far and they don’t intend to stop now. They’ll stop when every other dynasty lays on the bottom of their pyramids.


Will overcome thousands of miles of dry desert just to make your life miserable. Cute camel right? I’m afraid not. His sword can spark a dark anger in this beast that speeds up his attack.


Being locked in a sarcophagus for over a thousand years didn’t really help his skin. It did, however, make him so angry that he goes around blasting deadly sand beams now. Thanks a lot, ancient Egyptians.


His hands might not be attached to his body, his sword will detach stuff from your body. His melee attacks are swift, sneaky and without mercy.


If being a deadly pharaoh with an even more deadly army of mummy minions wasn’t enough, Summoning Set also majored in dark magic. It’s like Satan and Gandalf had a baby.


If you think having a wasp nest in your backyard is bad, wait until you see this. Egyptian beekeepers have studied this insect for centuries, all we learnt is that the beekeeping profession died out there.


Rare footage of an Egyptian miner taking a break. He’s underpaid and outranked by everyone in the dynasty. But without his dedication, not a single pyramid would have been built.