They might not have the strongest men, the toughest iron or the most firepower. They do have plants, animals and humans working in harmony as one efficient, guerilla war machine. Since using close combat is beneath them, they will fire arrows, darts, coconuts, poison and spells at their opponents. And they won’t stop until the jungle is restored to all its green majesty.


Pulls his blowpipe faster than your soon-to-be-shot Spaghetti Western actor. The bandage around his tail tells me he wore out several pipes already. He’s the main reason some African tribes wear neck-rings.


A deadly combination of marksmanship and camouflage. If you see a bush moving and think it’s the wind, you’re probably dead already. Gives coaching lessons to chameleons on the weekends.


You’re probably familiar with his work. His signature move is targeting unsuspecting, sunbathing tourists with coconuts. The fact that he has a helicopter makes for perfect hit and run attacks.


A gardener’s worst nightmare. All those years of love and watering cans put in and what do you get in return? This double-barreled plant with an insatiable appetite for everything non-jungle. Yikes.


Started out as the carving project of a jungle kid. Became the most important defence strategy of the jungle dynasty. Slows down troops with old voodoo spells. Believe me, you do not want to know.


The jungle dynasty is known for agile, quick and secretive warfare. They went with a little more static option this time. A cabin filled with rebel jungle kids who’ve moved on from pranks and practical jokes. Before, they might’ve killed your spirit, now they’ll actually kill you.


Drinking from this fountain doesn’t just quench your thirst. Are you experiencing a nasty cough? Or maybe an annoying nosebleed? Or perhaps a sword sticking out of your shoulder? The Fountain of Life has got your back.