Losing their empire to a bunch of barbarians never sat well with the Romans. Since most Romans are born with abs, muscle power became one of their biggest strengths. Forged steel protects their ripped bodies against enemy attacks. The gold is just for showing off. For them, this battle isn’t about revenge, it’s about taking back what’s theirs.


This Roman isn’t easily impressed. His legion has seen the most horrific battles in the whole Roman empire. Men died in his arms. He even took an arrow to the chin once. Didn’t even blink.


Don’t be fooled by his approachable appearance. Will put a blade between your ribs after asking you where your kids go to school. A reliable force in the Roman dynasty. Retreating is never an option for him.


What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in brute force. His record is something else: 1337 kills, 0 deaths. Russell Crowe, eat your heart out.


Romans would be an average dynasty if they were only good at tactical warfare and using force. But they’re an inventive bunch as well, accumulating in this nifty machine. Could throw a banana through a brick city wall.  


This gentle giant looks a little weary but he actually goes ballistic every time he hits something. He’s bored because he’s eager to start shooting opponents instead of cans from a barrel. Ready when you are.