This Nordic dynasty of robust men, fierceless women and aggressive pets is known for its ruthless sea raids. The biggest fear of every landlubber is boats full of blue and white looming on the horizon. Roaming the European coasts unfortunately didn’t satisfy these silver strangers. Now, they’re back to finish the job.


Once accidentally destroyed a town center by leaning against it. Smashes things for fun. The rings in his beard are symbols for the 3 most important things in his life: damage, ravage & obliterate.


Why the big iron morning star? It proved to be a pretty effective way to keep men at a distance. Size does matter, she says. The ones who tried regardless, can be found at your local cemetery.


How they’ve managed to tame this beast is still a mystery. Probably lots of sessions about his difficult youth to turn his spitfire anger into ice cold rampage. Clothing advice: put on something warm.


What did they put in his food crib!? More aggressive than a boxer on steroids. Will charge at anyone who looks at him funny. Has a special taste for Romans in red.


The marks on this old structure are still unresolved. Rumour has it that this altar was built to worship the Norse god Thor. Other tales tell the story of a divine orb. All we know for sure is that getting struck by its lightning hurts like hell.


Has seen her fair share of viking raids throughout the years. Doesn’t get swept off her feet easily. Focuses on getting ore as fast as possible and dusts off filthy Viking warrior helmets in the process.