I lost my account and I want it back.

So you lost your account and want it back? We want to help you with that. You can recover it yourself if you have it connected to Google Play/Google+, GameCentre or Facebook. Otherwise send us an email at with the following information:

– Username
– Trophy level
– Your device
– Last login date

All this information needs to be exact, together with information on how you lost your account. We will do our utmost best to help you recover your account, but we cannot promise anything!

How do I delete my account?

Do you really want to delete your account? Well, if you reeeeeaallllllyy want that, you should send us an email at Please state the following information:
– Your username
– Your trophy level
– Your diamond & gold amount

All this information needs to be exact. We will verify if it is really you before continuing the process of deleting your account. Please note that this is permanent, so you are really losing all of your effort. If you ever want to start playing again, you cannot get your account back. We’re literally destroying it. Your diamonds, trophies, gold, everything. Just so you know.

Can I buy or sell accounts?

Nope, you’re not allowed to do that. We also stated that in our Terms of Service. There are a few reasons for that. The main reason is that there are cheaters who will scam people into buying an account. We don’t want this to happen, so we’re banning accounts that have been transferred from one player to another.

How do I change my username?

We currently do not support a change of username, but we will do this in the future. Keep your eyes on the update notes!

I have a new device and I want to transfer my account.

It is possible to transfer your account to a new device. You have to be connected to Game Center on an iOS device, or Google Play services on an Android device. To see if you are connected, press the settings button in the main menu on your old device. If the button is not green, press it to connect. If it is green, you are connected, and your account is linked. Make sure you are connected to Game Center or Google Play services on your new device, and your account will be transferred to your new device after installing and opening Dynasty Duels.
We currently do not offer a cross-platform solution, but we will do that in the future.


How can I get diamonds?

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in the game. You can use them to buy gold or Boxes. You can buy them in the shop or find them in Victory Boxes!

How do I get gold?

Gold is used to upgrade your units, and you can get in multiple ways. Buy it in the store with diamonds and you can find it in Victory and Battle Boxes.

Can I get free diamonds?

Yes you can! Diamonds are found in every Victory Box, so make sure to open your Victory boxes after winning a few battles. Other than that, you cannot get free diamonds. So, please don’t trust anyone who is claiming to give you free diamonds. It is a scam. There are no hacks, and our game is protected by our game servers which are very secure.

What payment methods can I use to make a purchase?

We support payments through iTunes and Google Play. The payment methods can vary per country. Check your country to see what payment methods are supported.

For Google Play, see

For iTunes, see

Can I disable in-app purchases?

Yes you can, but we cannot help you with that. You need to set it in your iTunes or Google Play account. How do you do that?

For Google Play, see

For iTunes, see

I spent my diamonds or gold by accident. Can I get it back?

We have done everything in our power to limit accidental purchases in the game. We have added confirmation steps when spending diamonds, so a single accidental click doesn’t make you spend gems. 2 clicks however, can make you spend gems. But we think 2 clicks aren’t accidental, so we are not refunding accidental purchases. As is stated in our Terms of Service.

Since Dynasty Duels is a multiplayer game, reversing changes has an impact on the entire ecosystem, not just you. You could have battled other players with your new or upgraded units, giving you an unfair advantage in that time, if we should refund you later. We want to provide the fairest playing field as possible, so therefore we are not refunding accidentally spent currency.

I accidentally made a purchase. Can I get a refund?

Virtual Goods (in-app purchases) bought in Dynasty Duels are non-refundable, as stated in the Terms of Service. This is a common practice with most free-to-play games. There are exceptions to be applied in some rare cases.

We are not able to handle payments that were made on iOS devices directly, since Apple has full control of that. Please contact Apple support and choose ‘Purchases, billing and redemption’ and select the option that matches your case.

Please send an e-mail to Please state the reason for the refund request and the username of the account, and add the purchase receipt that you received from Google. We need to see a clear transaction ID (this looks like this: GPA.1111-1111-1111-11111). You have received this receipt on your e-mail from Google after you have made a purchase.


I keep getting the message that my connection is lost during the battle.

To be able to ensure a smooth battle, each player needs to have a fast and stable internet connection.If connection is too slow or unstable during the battle, the game is not able to ensure that all of your input has come through to the server. Therefore we choose to let you know that your connection is not good enough, so you know that you need to move to be able to play the game in a decent way.

How many Battle Points do I get per battle?

Winning a battle will award you 20 BP and
Losing a battle will award you 10 BP.
When a battle ends in a draw, both players will receive 15 BP.
There are also special bonuses for:
– Winstreaks
– A loss in the extra time
– Rush wins

How many days does a season last?

A season is typically 30 days long.
In this period, a new tier unlocks everyday.

How are trophies calculated per battle?

The amount of trophies you can win or lose in a battle depend on the trophy-range your are currently in. Gaining more trophies gets harder when you have a lot of trophies, while losing trophies also increases when you move up the ranking. Only the best of the best make it to the top of the rankings.

How do you match players for a battle?

Players are matched based on their trophy rating. The matchmaking system will search for a player with a rating that is similar to your rating. Unit levels are not taken into consideration.

What is Ore and what is its use?

Ore is the resource that is used to build buildings, units and spells during the battle. Every player has a standard flow of Ore per second, and players can increase this flow by placing ore mining units to dedicated mining spots.

How can I increase my Ore production?

You can increase Ore production by appointing miners to Ore points. You can collect a few miners in your collection, so make sure to bring at least one to the battle. Miners can be killed by your opponent, so you have to protect your miners to protect your Ore production.

How many Ore collection points are there on the map?

There are multiple Ore collection points on the map. Each player has a big spot with 3 or 4 mining points in his own base, and a smaller spot with 1 or 2 points. In the middle lanes on the map, there are multiple points available that can generate ore as well, but these spots vary per battle. So in total, there is a minimum of 12 ore points are available to mine, and a maximum of 18 points.

What happens with stacked units inside a building when it gets destroyed?

Together with the building, the units will be destroyed. So don’t forget to deploy your units right before their building gets destroyed!

Why can’t I rebuild a destroyed building immediately after it is destroyed?

The invisible builders first need to collect all the rubbish of the destroyed building to rebuild it. Also, since they’re not really happy that the building wasn’t protected well enough, they increased the price of the building. Not very nice. So make you protect it. Really.


What is my battle deck?

Your battle deck is the selection of units & spells that you bring along to the battle. You can make a selection of low cost units to be able to produce more units, as higher cost units will bring in more power to the battlefield. Bringing spells to the game will give you the possibility to build powerful turrets to defend your base. Choose a strategy and add units & spells to be able to carry out this strategy.

Where do I see what building belongs to a Unit or Spell?

When you navigate to your collection, tap on a unit or spell to see more information about this unit. From that screen you can click the building button, where you can see the building (and its corresponding statistics) that belongs to that unit or spell.

What different types of characteristics do units have?

Units can fly through the air or walk on the ground. Units can either have a melee attack (such as a sword strike) or a ranged attack (a gunshot). Units can do damage to a single target, or to multiple units at the same time (splash damage). Some units have special attacks like stuns, poison, slow and others

What do the stats on the Unit/Spell page mean?

HP: Health Points
Damage: Damage a unit does to an opponent with a single strike


What is in a Battle Box?

There are 5 types of Battle Boxes, and their costs vary, depending on their rarity. Depending on the amount of trophies you have, Battle Boxes contain different amounts of Diamonds, Gold and Cards.

You can find the odds of the different cards here

How can I earn Battle Points?

You can earn Battle Points by playing battles and completing quests. Winning a battle will award you 20 BP, losing a battle will award 10 BP. In the case of a draw, both players receive 15 BP. 

Quests will earn you Battle Points as well. If you complete all of your daily quests, new ones become available the next day. The weekly quests reset once per week.


How to contact us?

We love to hear your feedback, answer you questions or help you with anything game related. You can contact us at